WOD 20131231


Skills and Drills:

Snatch 5 x 8 25-25-30-30-30
Handstand push-up 2×2
handstand front rollover x 1


For time:
Kettlebell Swings 20 Kg
Box Jumps 20″ Box

Skills and Drills

Skills and drills were last minutes addition for today’s training. And I’ll have to admit I’m pleased I did so. In the future I might do similar additions to my exercise, always depending on what type of exercise the actual WOD consists.
Today the WOD had elements on both gymnastics and weightlifting, so I did some skill training on both of them; Snatch for the weightlifting and Handstand push-ups and such for the gymnastics.


I’ve been doing snatches during the year 2013, with varying success. What I have been capable to do is to get the bar above my head with up to 45 Kg:s weight on it and with mostly right technique.
What has been missing is the squatting under the bar. I just haven’t dared to do that before. One of my next years targets is to get the squat implemented to the snatch and to get the movement right on it while at the same time working myself up with the weight, too.
For the record, snatch is really good all around Olympic Weightlifting move; it pushes the whole body when you do it properly. You actually do a pull, jump and landing with overhead squat when you get it right. At least that is how much i know. Needless to say that I am more than happy if someone tells me more about it.

Handstand push-ups

Nothing feels better than to end the whole year with 2 succeeded handstand push-ups. Next year I will nail them more or less.
Now I did only 2 x 2 of them, but after the snatch, it was plenty. I even managed to implement one forward roll to the last set.
The actual handstand was done face against the wall. According to the Gymnastics WOD it is the correct way to learn a decent posture. One of the Next years targets is (among the snatch) to be able to to a free handstand and the push-ups, of course.

See you next year 😀


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