WOD 20140131

Rest day

Again. I might as well learn some day; extensive amount of deadlifts (even when done with lighter weights) is too much when doing the squats at the same day.
One needs to be humble with iron. Humble and patient. Greed and hurry ruins a lot at the gym, too.
Needless to say the recovery from cold is also part of the deal here. Well at least I did walk altogether 2 hours with the dog, so the day was not completely wasted.


Tunes for the weak minds

As I did write before, music is sometimes a really good way to tune yourself for exercise. Not always, though. It actually gets in the way, when I need to concentrate, as in high intensity WODs.

Nevertheless, CrossFit Games has this article about the playlist of the champs, which reminded me that I have mine, too. In Spotify. I usually just put that on random, but honestly, Children Of Bodoms Ugly seems really give the kick I usually need. Feel free to subscribe 😀

Here you go:

WOD 20140130

Rest day

Seems that recovering from the cold takes its toll. After yesterdays heavy weights today I’ve been really tired. We’ll see if tomorrow gets to be a metcon or weight day. I had a plan to do the CrossFit Total tomorrow, but it really does not feel like an option now. Woould most likely be wiser to just get something light recovery workout done.


WOD 20140129

500 m Row
150 Jump rope
15 Squats
15 Hindu Push-ups
15 Knee Hugs
15 Back Extension
15 Front Rolling Bridge
15 Back Rolling Bridge
Squat 3 x 5
95 x 5
Shoulder Press 3 x 5
50 x 5
Deadlift 1 x 5
4 x 5 x 110 Kg

More rest and in to the open

Today has been more or less active rest day. Recovering from cold has been more or less great and fortunately I’ve also been able to at least go out and walk with the dog, which has kept me more or less sane. Besides walking, the sofa has kept me cozy and Big Bang Theory has kept me entertained. Well, that and then the Star Trek puzzle.

Then, of course, I’ve been thinking about my training. Next weeks Max Reps have heavily (pun intended ;)) been on my mind. Since I’m still recovering, I’m not totally confident that I would do the 1 Rep Max Back Squats tomorrow. The situation being this, I’m not completely sure I’d get myself to the gym at all. The more I think it, the more it starts to point out for me to just do something light until nailing down the CFT on friday. At least then I could measure my strength in all movements, Back Squat, Shoulder Press and Deadlift at the same day and still manage to recover from the cold enough to get it done. Besides, if I now have this rest, it also means that I will be recovered from the past months training, too. As in CrossFit, all you need to do is adapt to the situation. Life quite seldom follows my training schedules, so I might at least try to get the training to follow the life 😉

Which brings me to the fact that I actually did register for the open. And no, I’m not even closely thinking I’m going to make it to the regionals. The point being here is to keep the sport alive and measure my capabilities against the others. We’ll see where it takes me. Last year, when I started the CrossFit and participated the first time, I could make 3 out of 5 workouts as described. Rx’d, as they say. This year my target is to get all 5 workouts done as Rx’d (or at least with correct weights) and finalize them, regardless on how far I go. We’ll see about that 😀



Rest is a crucial part of training and recovery. That applies for everything we do.
No matter how hard or long or short, easy or intense you’ve worked, you’ll always need to recover.
I managed to damage my hip in the mid December. And since then I’ve been forced to cut down my running completely. I tried last week some and it got worse. So it still is rowing that counts for my cardio. Although I’ve been really keen to start riding the bike now when the weather is this great; only few degrees below 0 and just few cm of snow. Which actually is also neatly tramped on the bike lanes. We’ll see if I’ll do it next week. On Tuesday and Thursday and it’s not more than 18 Km to the work and shouldn’t take longer to ride there than taking the subway.
Actually the only thing preventing me from doing it would be that I wouldn’t recover from this cold I managed to catch. It started yesterday and my head is still filled with goo. The good thing about it is that at least now I’ll have to rest. For real. We’ll just have to wait and see how it (the cold, not the rest) will affect to my planned 1 Rep Max -excercises I planned for next week.