WOD 20140307


Biking 19 Km

Riding the bike in the dusk – nice as ever 😀

The CrossFit Open 14.2 was announced yesterday. Well, actually, for me it was today due to time differencies between Stockholm and California. Anyhow, I managed to find myself an affiliate for this WOD. Hopefully it goes at least somewhat better than last weeks one.

Last weeks Open WOD (14.1) went – how to put it – not so nicely. I managed to struggle myself through the whole 10 minutes with 98 reps. Which is far from good. Well at least I did it and posted the WOD, which is better than last year – I assigned but did not send a single workout to the games. Currently I’m not even last – on a place 9713 worldwide and 742 in Europe. 

The reason for me sucking that bad was of course the double unders. I just haven’t trained those at all. So it was a skill set that was lacking (yeah, just keep telling yourself that). Apparently I now know what to focus on this year. Besides the other gymnastics -movements (like Handstand Push-Ups, for example).

To be honest, I’m pretty sure I get to exercise the Chest To Bar Pull-Ups, too. Or any other pull-up, for that matter.

But that is what I like about the Open. It challenges me in ways I never could do myself. Besides that, after 2 months of focusing on strength training the WODs are warm and refreshing variation in the routine.


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