WOD 20141117

Shoulder Press 5 x 43
3 x 45,5
2 x 48
2 x 49

4 x 2 x 50,5 Kg

Chest supported row

5 x 6 medium heavy

6 x 50,5 Kg warm-up


5 x 6 x 65,7 Kg

5 Min EMOM

6 x Close grip bench press 56,7 kg

6 x Pull-ups


3 thoughts on “WOD 20141117”

    1. Thanks! One has to try 😉
      Well, it’s not that I wanted to drop the 5/3/1 😀 The fact is that I operate a lot in the limits all the time; Weightlifting, Crossfit & biking from A to B (40 Km per day 3-4 times per week) and walking the dog approx 10 Km per day does take its toll. I managed to overtrain myself during the summer and *had* to rest for few weeks. At that time I discussed a lot with a trainer at the gym and he suggested/made me this slight lower stress -program which I’m now giving a try. So far it has felt great; not so heavy, but seems to be efficient. After few months we’ll need to anyhow figure out something new. Might as well take the 5/3/1 up again.
      I suppose the trick has been that now I don’t have any Crossfit -wods on the same day as weightlifting -movements. The fact is that I’m getting old and the WODs and Workouts need to be tailored for a guy in his 40:s 😀

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