About me

I am a fitness enthusiast with urge to keep myself fit and capable of living my life in whatever circumstances life should bring to my path.  I have started my training around 5 years ago, as a result of midlife -crisis and as a supplement to my nicotine addiction. After the 5 years, I’m more fit than ever (but not enough :D) and haven’t been smoking for ages.

I have been moving towards the CrossFit -training methods from the beginning. I started with bodyweight exercises (Inspired by Ross Enamait) and riding the bike. From there I did jump to martial arts -type of training (I’ve done my share of Karate as teenager, so it feels familiar) and followed (and still do, partially) Martin Rooney’s Training For Warriors -system for awhile.

Last year, unfortunately, I was forced to cut down my running and biking (I used to commute by bike) due to my living circumstances and there I decided to give CrossFit a shot. That is, I decided to follow the CrossFit HQ main site for my training. Actually, the decision was not that unfortunate at all. I have been enjoying the variability of CrossFit exercises all the year around. And I do feel more capable and fit every day.

During the summer I then started running again. So after a brief searching I did find myself running with Merrel Barefoot Trail Gloves and following the CrossFit Endurance -program. Which has been greater than I expected.

I however have felt myself just a follower while blindly following the 2 sites (plus hundreds of more that I managed to browse and find the workouts from). It was that I have been missing something, more or less at least the knowledge on why I’m doing the exercises I’ve been doing. Luckily the CrossFit -community is so open source and everything can be found online. So while googling for the ‘Crossfit training programming’ I found the CrossFit Programmming Template. Which cleared up a lot. Now all I need to do is to decide if I’m going to follow the 3+1 or 5+2 -schedule. Or 2+1 & 2+2 -variation.


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