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It has been nice and easy 4 days of rest. Well 3 if Sunday doesn’t count. And it just might not.

I woke up on Sunday morning and felt really beaten up. Not too bad, but I was tired, even after a good night sleep. The body just felt it had had it. Because of that, and the 6 days of exercise before that, I felt it was time to lay down and rest.

Well, I almost got that done. Of course I had my test of fitness in everyday life; we did move the furnitures round the apartment on Saturday (after my workout)  and on Sunday until we found the right spots for them. Which were, surprisingly enough, not always on the same places they had been before that.

So Sunday was great.

On Monday morning I woke up with a neat lower back pain. It was nasty. I could not lift my left leg without having to breathe in harshly. Plus that the pain was not a nice one, either. So no biking on monday. I barely could walk the dog. And in the evening it still was there. Honestly put, it still is. And now is Wednesday. Haven’t been doing anything for 3 long days…

I’ve been googling and chatting with people and apparently the cause of the back pain was my big workout on saturday. 10 times 30 m prowler push was kind of ok. the 10 times 10 burpees, too, I guess. Even though the night before (on Friday) I did have a neat 105 Burpee pull-ups (60 + 30 + 15) with running combined to them. But it was the 10 times 10 kettlebell swings that apparently made the trick.

Most likely I have something wrong with might technique. Or the weight was too much with the amount of reps. 100 times 24 Kg swings felt OK at the time. But it seems that it got my left hip joint to get hurt. Now I really don’t know the medical condition, but at least rest and stretching has been helping. Walking has been ok-ish, but the work, either sitting or standing has been loading my hip, and my back and in the evenings it has been a challenge to get the trousers undressed. Not to mention the socks.

At least I should’ve learned something from here. maybe it is that I should really understand that I’m not that young anymore and that I really should scale my workouts with more care. It just is sometimes hard, when you get carried away with the flow and feeling. And actually you still are capable to get through the WOD. It’s just the aftermath that’s punishing too much. I might have been able to avoid the whole thing if I had done some more recovery work, maybe some light warming up and stretching on Sunday. Or at least a bit more on Saturday.

Well, not all bad news, still. I learned new stuff regarding Kettlebell Swings (the Russian and the US -styles) and new stretching, too. Thanks for the guys to helping me out.

The other good thing is that I’ve managed to get one colleague interested in CrossFit. Well, to be honest, I really am not sure if I was the actual trigger, but at least he started asking questions today and we ended up deciding ot have a trial WOD tomorrow on Eriksdalsbadet Utomhusgym. That’ll bee sweet. Even though I will most likely only watch, encourage and count the reps, but still. A nice one 😀

“You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.” —Cormac McCarthy