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WOD 20140718

Walking Summary

158 min
14.5 km
14351 steps
869 kcal

Running Summary

100 min
14.6 km
16610 steps
1070 kcal

Today I did some cardio ‘only’. As a starter was the morning walk with the dog, as always. I still felt tired and sore after yesterdays “15 years” -workout – 15 x 12 , altogether 180 Burpee Box Jumps (20″ box). It was a heavy enough for me to decide not to go to the gym today. Instead of weightlifting I ran to the beach (7 Km) with a 6 Kg backpack and swam a while. No swimming as training, but as refreshment in the middle of a hot day. On the way back I gave the backpack to my wife, who brought it back, for she ran only one way.
The perfect end for a perfect day was the walk with the dog (and my wife) in the evening. So I’ll be doing my today’s weightlifting session (5 x 3 Power Clean)  tomorrow.