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WOD 20160405

For time:
50-40-30-20-10 thruster 45/35
5-4-3-2-1 rope climb, 15 ft

Courtesy of Crossfit Linchpin

Some scaling for the rope climb:

I do think I’m going to do with regular pull-ups and some toes-to-bar, perhaps. Have to figure it out before I run it.
The problem for me (today) is that I don’t have a rope to climb (or scale) with. We got the rope at the gym, but today I’m working from home and the only gym I can get to is the close by outdoor gym at Spånga IP.
Otherwise the workout looks just to be a nice couplet. That will eventually make me feel good, after I’ve felt bad for a while.
Thrusters. Haven’t done them after the 16.5, where I did 82 of them (with doubled weight). Now there’s 150 of them coming. And the scaled rope climbs means me to do 75 pull-ups. Nice. 😀


WOD 20140916

30 min AMRAP

1 right hand Turkish getup (20 Kg KB)

5 right hand kb swing

10 right hand overhead squat

5 Burpees 

1 left hand Turkish getup

5 left hand kb swing

10 Left hand overhead squat

5 Burpees

RESULT: 7 Rounds, Right Hand Turkish Getup & 2 Right Hand KB Swing

WOD 20140804

Back Squat
3 x 3 225 lbs / 102 Kg

Shoulder Press
3 x 3 50 Kg

5 times for time:
20 Kettlebell Swings (24 Kg)
20 Pushups
Time: 11:09


WOD 20140423

10 min EMOM
5 pike push-ups legs on the box
2-3 min rest
10 min EMOM
4 pull-ups

7 Rounds for time:
Row 200m
10 – Push Press 2×16 Kg Kettlebell
15 – Step Ups (2×16 Kg Kettlebell) on a 20″ box

Time: 24:06
Last time (20131213) with 30 Kg barbell: 17:49.
It seems that either it is easier to do push press & step ups with barbell than with two separate kettlebells or I’m still recovering from Monday’s  long walk and last Saturday’s heavy deadlifts (21+15+9 x 100 Kg IS heavy).  Most likely it is both. Tomorrow is most definitely a rest day for me.

WOD 20140409

DE: Shoulder Press 10 x 2 @ 70% 1RM on :45s
Post loads to comments. Recover 5:00 – 10:00 then perform CFE S&C Wod
4 Rounds
Run 400m
5 – Burpee Muscle Ups
Post results to comments.