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WOD 20160106


For Time

Row 5 Km
50 Pull-Ups
50 GHD Sit-Ups
50 Push-Ups
100 Air Squats
5 Miles Air Assault Bike

 Time: 1:03:33


WOD 20140705



Walk for 60 minutes with 50 lbs weight vest, sand bag or plate for max distance.

Had a backpack loaded with 20 Kg kettlebell and 2 x 1,25 Kg weight plates.
Time: 69:49
Distance: 5,96 Km
Weight: 22,5 Kg / 50 lbs

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This wod came to be quite natural to me. I have to anyhow regularly walk our dog every morning for about an hour, so it was really easy to just pack the backpak and start walking. In the beginning.
I did lose the feeling on my left arm at some point, due to that the strap pressed my shoulder nerve. I managed to adjust the straps as needed and slipped arm being numb all the time. And in the end I started to get tired on my lower back. Otherwise it was actually completely ok, even though I didn’t finalize the WOD with death by burpees as I did plan in the beginning of the walk. Most likely I’ll do that in the evening. well, that, or 10 min AMRAP of the Burpees.
The dog carried an object the whole way, too, and is now sleeping.

At some point I started thinking about the SAS special forces training. If I got it right, they walk (or run) 40 Km with 80 Kg equipment. With my speed it would take 8 hours. In case I wouldn’t stop too often. So my one hour 22,5 Kg workout started to feel kind of petty and a small thing to do 😀

WOD 20140201


500 – 1000m Row
2 Times following
150 Jump Rope
15 Squats
15 Diamond Push-Ups
15 Lunges (each)
15 Knee-Hugs
15 Back Extension
15 Front Rolling Neck Bridge
15 Back Rolling Neck Bridge


Overhead Squat
3 x 5

Bent Over Row
3  x 5

Strength & Condition:

For time:

15 Clean & Jerks (55 Kg)
15 Pull-ups
12  Clean & Jerks (55 Kg)
12 Pull-ups
9   Clean & Jerks (55 Kg)
9   Pull-ups