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WOD 20160405

For time:
50-40-30-20-10 thruster 45/35
5-4-3-2-1 rope climb, 15 ft

Courtesy of Crossfit Linchpin

Some scaling for the rope climb:

I do think I’m going to do with regular pull-ups and some toes-to-bar, perhaps. Have to figure it out before I run it.
The problem for me (today) is that I don’t have a rope to climb (or scale) with. We got the rope at the gym, but today I’m working from home and the only gym I can get to is the close by outdoor gym at Spånga IP.
Otherwise the workout looks just to be a nice couplet. That will eventually make me feel good, after I’ve felt bad for a while.
Thrusters. Haven’t done them after the 16.5, where I did 82 of them (with doubled weight). Now there’s 150 of them coming. And the scaled rope climbs means me to do 75 pull-ups. Nice. 😀


WOD 20160109

1 Hour of Snatch progression & technique


2 Rounds for time of:
400m Farmer’s Carry 24 Kg KB
200m Front Rack Carry 24 Kg KB
100m Overhead Carry 24 Kg KB

Use 2 24 Kg Kettlebells
Time: 26:45

WOD 20150901


Deadlift10 x 3 x 67,5% of 1RM (115 Kg/ 255 lbs)

  • Done the deadlifts with EMOM. Meaning 3 deadlifts Every Minute of the Minute for 10 minutes rest time being around 50 seconds for each set. 


10 Rounds for Time

5 Pull-ups

10 Kettlebell Swings (28 Kg KB)

Time: 11:47

WOD 20150423

Well. It has been awhile since the last logged workout. Or should I say blogged workout. I have been working out as usual during the whole winter. With that exception that I’ve been surprisingly sick this year. I don’t know why. And it does not actually matter that much either.

What matters is that I have been in better shape than last year. Even after being sick and during the recovery period I managed to perform a lot better during the Crossfit Open than last year. And then, a week after that, catch the flu. And this time I had the whole lot, fever, flu and cough.

Now it has been 3 long weeks, this week I managed to start the exercises again. Monday and Tuesday with normal metcon and I was actually really out of breath in Tuesday morning, rested yesterday and dragged my ass to the gym today. Decided to have a plain weightlifting day. Which I managed to accomplish, barely, but still. The squats felt terrible. 3 x 10 with 65% from 1 RM felt more than enough. According the original plan it should’ve been 5 times 10, but after the first round I felt out of breath again and decided to just listen to my body. So it was 3 x 10 with 65% of Shoulder Press and Deadlifts, 20 minutes in sauna and I was good to go.

And still I’m not disappointed at all. Quite the opposite. Managed to listen to my body and take it easy regardless of the so called plans. Besides that I received some decent tips from Frank Ironman regarding on how to implement running on the training plan. And moreover, how it will affect to my squat strength.

Actually, at the moment, it feels I’m going to leave the running to be just something I do every now and then and concentrate for gaining strength, which has been my plan for this year. When I have gathered enough strength (what is enough?), I still have time to gain my speed on trail running. Cardio is anyhow part of the CrossFit WODs, so the aerobic condition will be maintained, if not even gained.

WOD 20150423

Back Squat
3 x 10 x 75 Kg

Shoulder Press
3 x 10 x 39 Kg

3 x 10 x 106 Kg

WOD 20141111

Complete 5 rounds:
60 seconds – Max Reps 2 Arm KB Push Press w/ 20 Kg KB
60 seconds – Max Reps Ring Pull Ups
Rest 60 seconds between rounds.
( 30 – 15, 30 – 14, 30 – 13, 30 – 13, 30 – 12 )

3 Rounds:
10 Kettlebell Goblet Squats (20 Kg KB)
60 meter right hand waiters walk  (20 Kg KB)
10 Kettlebell Goblet Squats (20 Kg KB)
60 meter Left hand waiters walk  (20 Kg KB)