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WOD 20140531

Crossfit Total
1 RM in
Back Squat
110-115-117,5 (259 lbs)
Shoulder Press
52,5-53,5-52,5 (117,9 lbs)
155 Kg (341,7 lbs)
Points: 718,6 – a bit lower than previously. I’m slightly disappointed on the deadlifts, but there you go. This shows me what I was capable to do today. Actually, this test is a way more honest than the one before. Shoulder Press was this time done really strict and according to the rules. I have to admit I did do the previous 57,5 Kg by doing a bit push press with my knees. And what comes to deadlifts, I’m pretty sure the Diane on Monday (altogether 45 reps witjh 97,5 Kg) did not help to get the 1 RM over the previous. I’ll need to take that under consideration on my training programme.
And as always:
16 Burpees

WOD 20140226


Crossfit Total

Squat 1 RM
115 Kg (253.53 Lbs)

Shoulder Press 1 RM
57,5 Kg (126.76 Lbs)

Deadlift 1 RM
160 Kg (352.74 Lbs)

Total Score: 253.53 + 126.76 + 352.74 =

According to this http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/faq.html#WOD8
y ranking is in Intermediate in my weight class. I actually tought so, too.



More rest and in to the open

Today has been more or less active rest day. Recovering from cold has been more or less great and fortunately I’ve also been able to at least go out and walk with the dog, which has kept me more or less sane. Besides walking, the sofa has kept me cozy and Big Bang Theory has kept me entertained. Well, that and then the Star Trek puzzle.

Then, of course, I’ve been thinking about my training. Next weeks Max Reps have heavily (pun intended ;)) been on my mind. Since I’m still recovering, I’m not totally confident that I would do the 1 Rep Max Back Squats tomorrow. The situation being this, I’m not completely sure I’d get myself to the gym at all. The more I think it, the more it starts to point out for me to just do something light until nailing down the CFT on friday. At least then I could measure my strength in all movements, Back Squat, Shoulder Press and Deadlift at the same day and still manage to recover from the cold enough to get it done. Besides, if I now have this rest, it also means that I will be recovered from the past months training, too. As in CrossFit, all you need to do is adapt to the situation. Life quite seldom follows my training schedules, so I might at least try to get the training to follow the life 😉

Which brings me to the fact that I actually did register for the open. And no, I’m not even closely thinking I’m going to make it to the regionals. The point being here is to keep the sport alive and measure my capabilities against the others. We’ll see where it takes me. Last year, when I started the CrossFit and participated the first time, I could make 3 out of 5 workouts as described. Rx’d, as they say. This year my target is to get all 5 workouts done as Rx’d (or at least with correct weights) and finalize them, regardless on how far I go. We’ll see about that 😀