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WOD 20150901


Deadlift10 x 3 x 67,5% of 1RM (115 Kg/ 255 lbs)

  • Done the deadlifts with EMOM. Meaning 3 deadlifts Every Minute of the Minute for 10 minutes rest time being around 50 seconds for each set. 


10 Rounds for Time

5 Pull-ups

10 Kettlebell Swings (28 Kg KB)

Time: 11:47


WOD 20140606

10 x 3 Squat Clean

56,9 Kg/ 125 lbs


21-15-9 reps for time of:
43 Kg / 95 lbs Thrusters
Time: 7:30

January, the fight month


It seems it’s that part of the year. The picture shows the current situation at the gym. Of course it’s not quite that, but that’s how it feels at the moment.

Yesterday I had my Dynamic Effort Push Press together with some Crossfit conditioning. Now I’ll have to say that the gym itself in Sundbyberg Signalfabriken is great. It has all the equipment I need, and usually it has also had enough space for me to actually exercise, too.

The DE part of training, Push Press, went ok. I think I managed to find the right weight to keep the pushing as dynamic and explosive as possible while still pushing some heavy weight. This I actually did in the SATS Prfrmance (A Crossfit -type of trainig style SATS has pulled together) area while the Prfrmance -class was doing the finalizing stretches.
Then I was done and preparing myself to the original plan of conditioning, 3 x Chin-Ups & 6 Bench Presses Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM). While I got everything ready, the next class started and I was kindly, but firmly told to get away from there. Which is OK, I get it, when you have a class, you want to keep it to the people who are attending the class.
The problem kind of escalated while I walked to the free weight -section. All of the benches were reserved. Plus that there was no available pull-up bars either.

So what does an adaptive CrossFit -trainer do then? He goes and designs and modifes the workout to fit the circumstances. So there I ended up doing this:

Every Minute on the Minute for 15:00
10 Push-ups with legs on 20″ box
3 – Pull-Ups

Which worked just fine. I was neatly fatigued after the workout and could enjoy the stretching and sauna.

Nevertheless, I’ll have to hit the gym in different times, as it seems. Or find a new gym, where I can concentrate on the weightlifting and CrossFit. Perhaps a CrossFit affiliate?