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WOD 20140328


3 x 5
Weighted dips
3 x 5
For time: (Preparing for the 14.5)
40 Kg Thrusters
Burpees head to bar

WOD 20140318


Five rounds for time of:

10 Wall climbs
10 Toes to bar
20 Box jumps, 20” box
(27:44 20131102 with 24″ BOX)
Tensta Parkour

Weightlifting, gymnastics and running

To cut the long way short: that’s the way I’m doing my programming.

I’ve been missing something, some structure from my Crossfit training. Even though I’ve been maxing my deadlifts and squats, I’ve also fatigued myself, gained loads of mobility (which I like) and kept my running up. But as said before, the structure and the plan has been missing.

Before jumping to Crossfit I di follow Martin Rooney’s great Training For Warriors -method. Which worked me perfectly. Mainly because I had the program to follow.
Likewise it was with CrossFit; following the Crossfit HQ and Crossfit Endurance -workouts have been really great for me the whole last year.

When I started planning my training programme, I thought the Crossfit default template would’ve been enough. Honestly, I did. And it does have all the parts you need to keep yourself fit.

But there is always the but. But the need to get some more. To get fit, strong and fast. To get all at the same time.

First came the running. On monday, it was great. I definitely need to have it in the program. Most likely I’ll do as I planned and use all the Metcon -parts related to cardio by running. Sprints, hill-runs -longer runs.  Throwing in some of the TFW -Hurricane day workouts. To build up the explositivity and speed. And if not running, then rowing. That’s the definite yes.

Then there are these. These articles. Articles in the web about lifting heavy. From Martin Rooney to Mark Rippetoe I’m reminded on how important it is to keep myself strong. And to do it by doing three different main movements;  Squats, Presses and Deadlifts. And those are actually also the core of the CrossFit Strength program.
And I love them. The feeling what you get while standing under or above the barbell is just pure magic.

So to say, I did some more searching. It seems I’ll have to adjust my Program somewhat more. The one weeks schedule will most likely be like this:
Monday: Starting Strength
Tuesday: CrossFit (M/G)
Wednesday: Starting Strength
Thursday: REST
Friday: Starting Strength
Saturday: CrossFit Metcon (Most likely LONG run)
Sunday REST

Now I do have a small reservation for Thursdays according to running. I might just have a easy 7-8 Km run then. Just for recovery. No pushing hard (That’s one of the things I want to learn to do this year). And then on Saturday it’ll be longer distance or shorter with some more pushing. Might as well end up running it according to the Crossfit Endurance -plan. Which is (at least partly) as follows:
5 Km Time Trial – 5 Miles with 85% of 5 Km MAX – 5 Miles Time Trial – 10 Km with 85% of 5 M MAX – 10 Km TT
And so on. You get the point, the shorter distance is used for measuring the speed and adjusting your body to the higher speed. The regular time trials also help you to keep track on your progress, which is always good.

All this seems bit much now. It looks a lot and I am excited. i might even be able to pull it of, if I only take care of the stuff fI should’ve been taking care of even last year.

Recovery and nutrition need to have more attention to my training life. Those (among the gaining strength) will be my 2014 targets.

First of all I need to learn to eat decently, enough and right things. Previously, the breakfast and lunch, maybe the afternoon snack, too, have been really good (or somewhat good) in both quality and quantity. But the evening has usually ruined all I managed to achieve during the day. And then the weekends. The amount of sugar, salt and grease has been stuffing my body to even more test. It has to recover from training by using crappy fuel. All the time I’ve known it’s stupid. Let’s see if I can change it this year. I’m at least trying to do my best.

Second is the rest. I need to sleep at least 7,5 hours every night to keep myself going. Above that is the rest days recovery. I need to know where my limits are and learn how and when to go over them. And learn when I need to leave them alone. That is why I am planning to have one whole week for active rest every 7th week. And since I’m going to stick to my plan, at least that one is going to work out.

So, year 2014: I’m going to lift heavy, work hard, kick ass, sleep like a baby and eat like a man. 😀