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First 7 weeks programmed

cropped-img_0890.jpgI managed to use my day off in a decent way, as it seems. The 7 first weeks of next years training has been nailed down and planned. Of course I will follow the HQ tactics and publish the workouts one at the time, in the beginning of every day (at 00:00 CET), starting from monday. Now you can take a sneak peak on what type of training’s going to come by checking the training program or just wait and see what’s coming.

For me this is kind of a new experience. To create my own training program is a new thing. And it feels great, to be honest. The only drawback I’ve got is that now I actually know what’s coming. Preparing for unknown exercises has been a bog part of the game for me this year. I certainly hope I’ve managed to keep the variation more or less in a decent level.

My plan is to follow the plan now and adjust it every time it feels it is needed. Nothing’s been carved to stone yet. Needless to say that I might have to make changes to the schema when the CrossFit Open 2014 starts. I’m planning to at least do the workouts, if nothing else.

Meanwhile I can tell you that I’ve managed to raise my Push Press Max from 50 Kg to 57,5 Kg within 3 months. Let’s see if I manage to get myself doing a similar trick with Handstand Push-ups next year (oh yes I will! ;))



CrossFit Programming

This January I made a jump. I switched my CrossFit-ish exercising (which I had previously blended with running and biking) to pure CrossFit. Due to circumstances I had to ditch the cardio part of my training almost completely over the winter. At least I had to give up the stuff I had grew up familiar with during the 4 years of almost daily commuting by bike and more or less regular running.

I had been doing CrossFit -exercises (from the main site)before that, but not followed them all the time. I’m not sure if it was Pat Sherwood (one of the CrossFit HQ trainers) or somebody else who suggested at the main site to drop everything else and give a shot to only CrossFit for a month. I thought I might give it more or less half a year.

I have to admit that it has been a hell of a year. I managed to pull it through all the way, ost of the time, even though I did switch from the main site to CrossFit Endurance due to my will to run more. That went smoothlym too. I found myself running barefoot (with minimalistic shoes, that is) from between 10-15 km trail runs without any sign of my previous knee problems. I even ended up running Tjurruset in 1:09, which is completely accepted time for 10,4 km intensive terrain run. I managed to get myself from the last start group to startgroup 5 and pass by over around 1200 persons while doing that. Unfortunately I got some weird injury in the beginning of November, which forced me to skip running. Luckily CFE contains program for rowing, too, so that one was covered. Even though it has been indoor rowing all the way. Would be neat to check the outdoor -stuff at some point.

But how does this lead me to create my own program, then? Honestly put last weeks have felt really heavy when it comes to excercising. I’ve felt me more or less worn from all the possible joints and angles and have been forced to give myself 1 to 2 days rest after each workout. Which is fine, I really do believe that I need to be capable to stop overdoing things that are not healthy to me. The same applies also to eating, or whatever.

Being tired lead me to thinking, which is always nice and sometimes it also leads to something, which is even better. I just hope this something is good (I believe this is, ask me again next year ;)).

I noticed I have been just following the program without paying attention to what I have been doing. Or at least not paying attentio to the reasoning behind every exercise. So I started googling and finding my answers straight from the main sites archives plus some other sites from the web. Which led me to an idea to create my own program based on the template.

There is only one problem. It’s the format. During the year I’ve followed the 3+1 format from the main site, more or less, which has left me feeling me exhausted every now and then –  no surprise there – even so that I’ve been forced to sometimes rest several days in a row. In the other hand the CFE -scheme is 6 days a week exercising, where the regular CrossFit -exercises have been combined with endurance -training. Most likely my worst exhaustions have happened after I started adding the running to my schema.

So, in the future, I know at least that I will keep running and biking in the schedule, but more like it is at the main site schema. Otherwise I end up burning myself down, which leads always to longer rest periods than I’m willing to take.

As said, I’m not sure should I follow the 3+1 or the 5+2 -method. Both have their benefits and both are widely used. The drawback of 3+1 is that it varies and rotates across the weeks so that the weekends tend up being busy. And as a married man I’d really like to spend the weekends with my family.

That’s where 5+2 comes in handy. The exercises are spread across the work week evenly, which suits me fine. The problem being there is that 5 days training in a row might be bit too much for me, even though I’d vary them as much as possible.

What I came up with was the combination of them both. I’ll be exercising 5 days a week, but having the template as 3+1 and 2+1. Which would mean that I’d exercise from Monday to Wednesday, have Thursday off and then have Friday and Saturday as training days, too. At least now it feels like a pretty good idea.

For you to know, I will lay my exercising plan at this site regularly. If not the exercises, at least there will be the type of exercis written down for every week of the year 2014. Feel free to participate, comment and give feedback at any point you feel like. As said, I’m programming the stuff mainly to myself ad I need to learn how to do it. I’ve never done that before.