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WOD 20150423

Well. It has been awhile since the last logged workout. Or should I say blogged workout. I have been working out as usual during the whole winter. With that exception that I’ve been surprisingly sick this year. I don’t know why. And it does not actually matter that much either.

What matters is that I have been in better shape than last year. Even after being sick and during the recovery period I managed to perform a lot better during the Crossfit Open than last year. And then, a week after that, catch the flu. And this time I had the whole lot, fever, flu and cough.

Now it has been 3 long weeks, this week I managed to start the exercises again. Monday and Tuesday with normal metcon and I was actually really out of breath in Tuesday morning, rested yesterday and dragged my ass to the gym today. Decided to have a plain weightlifting day. Which I managed to accomplish, barely, but still. The squats felt terrible. 3 x 10 with 65% from 1 RM felt more than enough. According the original plan it should’ve been 5 times 10, but after the first round I felt out of breath again and decided to just listen to my body. So it was 3 x 10 with 65% of Shoulder Press and Deadlifts, 20 minutes in sauna and I was good to go.

And still I’m not disappointed at all. Quite the opposite. Managed to listen to my body and take it easy regardless of the so called plans. Besides that I received some decent tips from Frank Ironman regarding on how to implement running on the training plan. And moreover, how it will affect to my squat strength.

Actually, at the moment, it feels I’m going to leave the running to be just something I do every now and then and concentrate for gaining strength, which has been my plan for this year. When I have gathered enough strength (what is enough?), I still have time to gain my speed on trail running. Cardio is anyhow part of the CrossFit WODs, so the aerobic condition will be maintained, if not even gained.

WOD 20150423

Back Squat
3 x 10 x 75 Kg

Shoulder Press
3 x 10 x 39 Kg

3 x 10 x 106 Kg


WOD 20140830

Finally, the rest is over and recovery can begin. This morning the hip felt mainly ok; no pain while dressing up, walking felt ok. The only problem that remained after 1 hour of walking the dog was that the back felt tired, still.

So I went and made a small workout for myself.

10 minutes warmup with squats, bend-overs, hindu-pushups and wrestler’s bridge and I was ready to do the following.


30 Knee hugs
20 Superman
1 minute Plank
20 V-ups
1 minute side plank (each side)
20 Leg Raise & Butt lift
15 Straight Legged Hip Swings (each side)
30 s Isometric Backhold
30 Chinnies
30 Toe Touch Crunch
20 Alternating Superman from Pushup Prone
30 Side Crunches (each side)
50 Russian Twists
50 Leg Raise with 20 Kg Kettlebell holden up with hands
15 Front Rolling Bridge
15 Back Rolling Bridge
1 Minute Wrestler’s Bridge


9 min EMOM

30 s Handstand Hold

10 Push -ups

Recovery day number 5

Still, no workout for today either. I had my plans last night to get a bike and ride my way to work today, but it just did not work out.

In the morning, while walking with the dog, I did jump over a ditch. And then the lower back really got a sudden strike of pain when I did shoot my left foot upwards. So I decided to let the biking go. Otherwise the back pain has been on the way to better, left hip still feels sore (as well as back), but at least I can get jeans on without huge amount of pain while standing. Slight nip, though, but that’s all. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

Honestly put the one week rest has been one of the biggest challenges for the whole year. It actually has been the longest pause from training for at least in 2 years. But surprisingly enough, I’ve managed to pull myself through. I have to admit that it has been boring in a way, but at the same time, kind of refreshing to just sit, lie and walk around.

Of course on my spare time I’ve been watching tv. Mainly the sitcoms, but yesterday I found myself looking at this local documentar-ish program called Svett & Etikett (Sweat & etiquette) about training overall. The host did have episodes made about strongman -competition, Crossfit & military training. Plus 5 more episodes I didn’t watch. But I found out that the Strongman -training actually did look like made for me. I’d really like to get stronger 😀 Crossfit was also interesting, as well the military training. So I’m currently all pumped up to get myself grabbing the bar. Hopefully already on Monday…

… and in the future I might remember to stick to my own plan when in the gym. 2 rough 30-40 minutes WODs with 100 burpees in 2 sequential days might be a bit too much even for me.

WOD 20140309

Recovery day

Rest, walk, stretching.

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed on my performance doing the Open 14.2 yesterday; not getting past the first 3 minutes mark was both devastating and revealing. And it appeared that I sucked not only in pull-ups (which I really anticipated), but in Overhead Squats, too. The squats I’d had trained before has not been deep enough. And that really feels embarrassing,  I’ve been thinking myself that my squats have been deep enough, but apparently the hip  has stayed too high all the way.
The pull-ups, in the other hand, sucked as I expected them to suck. To be honest, I was actually surprised they went that well they went.

Well, at least I now know where I stand.

First of all, taking part on the open again and this time also taking care of sending the results, too, has been a really good decision. I’m pretty sure my last years ‘results’ would’ve not been that good I thought they have been when seen by the actual CrossFit judges.
So, huge thanks to CrossFit Tegen for letting me get in and be judged! It was a great and humbling experience yesterday.

The other thing I learned yesterday is that CrossFit is far more technical that I’ve been thinking.  Somehow I’ve thought that the technique comes in when doing things properly. That it falls in naturally. Well, that is also one of the issues here; one can’t judge oneself properly enough. I suppose that’s where the affiliate and the other CrossFit trainees come in and help. Exercising all by myself at the non-affiliate gym has it’s ups and downs.
Ups in the way that I get to the nearest or closest gym of my workplace and then the downs that I seem to be missing guidance and feedback.

As it seems now, I’m stuck with my current gym until end of June. After that I’ll definitely take myself to an affiliate. And as it seems now, I’ll drag my sorry, not-so-technically-good ass to CrossFit Tegen.
Why there, one might ask. First of all, they’re closest to where I live. Secondly, they’re cheaper than any other affiliate I’ve found across the Stockholm and last, but not least, they too have a sauna.
I actually did pay them a visit last summer but then on some strange reason, ended up signing myself to SATS. Mainly because SATS was starting their own CrossFit -training at the Regeringsgatan. Apparently, they’ve changed the name from CrossFit to Prformance, and spread that across the other locations, too. But what I’ve seen there it is more or less 3 times a week training for people who like to do things 3 times a week. I try not to sound like a ‘CrossFit-elitist’ here, but I like the idea for exercising the 6 days every week. And even the 7th day will be an active recovery day for me.

Besides all the other reasons, CrossFit Tegen felt really nice, neat and sweaty place for me. In fact I will do the rest of my  Open Workouts there. 😀

WOD 20140130

Rest day

Seems that recovering from the cold takes its toll. After yesterdays heavy weights today I’ve been really tired. We’ll see if tomorrow gets to be a metcon or weight day. I had a plan to do the CrossFit Total tomorrow, but it really does not feel like an option now. Woould most likely be wiser to just get something light recovery workout done.