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Tunes for the weak minds

As I did write before, music is sometimes a really good way to tune yourself for exercise. Not always, though. It actually gets in the way, when I need to concentrate, as in high intensity WODs.

Nevertheless, CrossFit Games has this article about the playlist of the champs, which reminded me that I have mine, too. In Spotify. I usually just put that on random, but honestly, Children Of Bodoms Ugly seems really give the kick I usually need. Feel free to subscribe 😀

Here you go:


Music and exercise

Some of us are familiar with ‘mental silence’ -slogan that is shown at Mikko Salo’s 13.5 Open Workout -video in Youtube (http://youtu.be/XF97uSPBDkM?t=8m55s). Basically what Mikko says there is something he has heard from Josh Everett; “If you need to have music to exercise, go get another hobby“. Surprisingly enough, I’m starting to agree.

now, I usually listen to something on long endurance rounds. Might be podcasts, audio books or music. Lately it has been more classical music, previously it was usually an audio book. Every now and then I do it without, but most of the time when riding the bike or running I’ll have my headphones on. Not when I’m walking the dog, though. So i do get some outdoor soundscape in my mind, too.

It used to be the same at the gym, too.  I have a nice workout playlist in spotify (PUMPING LARD & IRON) for that and it has been my energy source for few heavy rounds. Well, the rounds felt heavy then, not anymore ;).

When I started doing CrossFit, everything changed. Not as a conscious thought process or anything, but by accident. So to say, my iPhone got to be my WOD -timer (I use WodBox Pro for that) and it is way much easier to operate the timer, count the rounds and fill in weight information (to Evernote) when the phone is not hanging on my arm. During the warm-up it is ok to have it there, but lately, every time I start the actual WOD, I’ll take away the headphones and the phone and get to the zone without musical stimulants. Normally there is some sort of background music at the gym, too, but honestly said, I don’t pay attention to that one either.

now it would be nice to get some opinions on this matter. How do you have it? Music completely off, all the time on? Just listening to the gym music or having your own headset and own lists?