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WOD 20140423

10 min EMOM
5 pike push-ups legs on the box
2-3 min rest
10 min EMOM
4 pull-ups

7 Rounds for time:
Row 200m
10 – Push Press 2×16 Kg Kettlebell
15 – Step Ups (2×16 Kg Kettlebell) on a 20″ box

Time: 24:06
Last time (20131213) with 30 Kg barbell: 17:49.
It seems that either it is easier to do push press & step ups with barbell than with two separate kettlebells or I’m still recovering from Monday’s ┬álong walk and last Saturday’s heavy deadlifts (21+15+9 x 100 Kg IS heavy). ┬áMost likely it is both. Tomorrow is most definitely a rest day for me.