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WOD 20140911

Rest day

After yesterdays light feeling weightlifting day (first one of the new training programme) I felt like today I’d be doing some sort of MetCon. The whole day at the work ended up being so busy, though, that my usual lunch -break just didn’t have a chance. The series of excuses then continued until I managed to walk the dog the 5 Km and after that realised that this actually is my rest day. For real.

So the whole day my brain has been nagging me about stuff I shouldn’t even do today. The schedule for training is (3+1) + (2+1), and I should learn to stick with it, regardless if my weightlifting sessions at the moment are  lighter than they used to be. Plus that I don’t get the usual WOD -rush now since the weightlifting days are strictly reserved for lifting.

For the schedule, the 3 first days should be like this: Weightlifting on Mondays and Wednesdays, Metcon/Crossfit on Tuesdays. Then Thursday is off. Friday is for the 3rd weightlifting session and on Saturdays I’m planning to have a longer Metcon, hopefully some benchmark WOD, being named or hero. For the MetCons I’m planning to use mainly bodyweight movements and perhaps some KB or medicin ball, at least now in the beginning of the training season so that I won’t overload myself again.


First 7 weeks programmed

cropped-img_0890.jpgI managed to use my day off in a decent way, as it seems. The 7 first weeks of next years training has been nailed down and planned. Of course I will follow the HQ tactics and publish the workouts one at the time, in the beginning of every day (at 00:00 CET), starting from monday. Now you can take a sneak peak on what type of training’s going to come by checking the training program or just wait and see what’s coming.

For me this is kind of a new experience. To create my own training program is a new thing. And it feels great, to be honest. The only drawback I’ve got is that now I actually know what’s coming. Preparing for unknown exercises has been a bog part of the game for me this year. I certainly hope I’ve managed to keep the variation more or less in a decent level.

My plan is to follow the plan now and adjust it every time it feels it is needed. Nothing’s been carved to stone yet. Needless to say that I might have to make changes to the schema when the CrossFit Open 2014 starts. I’m planning to at least do the workouts, if nothing else.

Meanwhile I can tell you that I’ve managed to raise my Push Press Max from 50 Kg to 57,5 Kg within 3 months. Let’s see if I manage to get myself doing a similar trick with Handstand Push-ups next year (oh yes I will! ;))